Viera Buzgova

    Viera began her involvement in theater as the Technical Director at Concordia University at Austin Theater program. In that role, she perfected the art of light design with limited lighting instruments, set design and late-night set construction, actor wrangling, director whispering and stage crew commanding that lead to the remarkable success and national recognition of a small Texas university’s theater. She worked the light board and called every show of the Concordia Players’ celebrated 10-year run. Since her time at Concordia, Viera has stayed active in the arts, particularly working as the stage manager for the Grammy-winning vocal ensemble Conspirare, and has recently stage-managed Conspirare’s PBS production of Considering Mathew Sheppard. When not working with Conspirare, Viera is the managing partner of Buzgova, Meneses, and G. Wellington Smith, LLP, an immigration law firm.